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When you own the right boat, you want to perfect it. Your boatyard relationship is central to the process. Meet co-owners Ben Harry and Jim Martindale.  You will sense why Lake Union Boat Repair is one of the most trustworthy boatyards in the Puget Sound Region. Their personalities and the character of their yard are uniquely enjoyable and reassuring.  Ben and Jim's experienced and caring approach to all boats, large, small, sail or power, has been producing deeply satisfied customers and lifelong friends since 1972

Ben Harry in Dorothea engine room

Motorcycle built by LUBR owner, Jim Martindale

June Bug, personal boat built by LUBR Owner, Ben Harry

June Bug Launched 8/15/15


Roll up your sleeves.  No yard will more welcome your involvement. It's about your boat and how you want it to be. Working with Ben, Jim and the rest of the LUBR crew is fun.  Ben's engineering, problem solving, and wooden boat skills are legend.  Jim's systems and technical skills, mechanical, electrical, or electronic further guarantees the result you envision. You will be surrounded by highly competent carpenters, finishers, fabricators, and benefit from thorough project management.

LUBR recently completed the high tech, 77’ sailboat, Cascadia,
a new build starting with a separately provided carbon fiber hull and deck.  


Lake Union Boat Repair does it right, maintains proper insurance and thoroughly backs their work.