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High Standards

Jim Martindale Oversees all LUBR electronics and electrical jobs. All work meets ABYC requirements and is completed to the highest standards of safety and customer satisfaction.


It is going to be fun

It was fun

          Rising Wolf gen set removed

      New gen set in renovated space

C Jewel Wheelhouse

    Dorothea electronics console

Installing electronics

June Bug electrical
Jim atop Ice Bear

TVRO receivers

   Rolls 2000AH, 24V bank, before heat shield & lid 
  • Specializing in battery installations and service
  • Proven Brands, all sizes or single cells
  • Flooded, AGM & GEL Batteries
  • Inverters & Charging Systems
Featuring Rolls Batteries, the Ultimate Inverter Battery


Rolls, Modular, Series 5000, 6CS25PM
820 Amp Hour, 6V Battery (8 Volt Version Available).
100 lb Individual Cells. 3300 Cycles to 50%
10 Year Warranty
Accepts Optional Hydrocaps*
Fits to a Standard 8D Footprint.

Rolls, Modular, Series 4000, 12-HHG-325PM
325 Amp Hour, 12V Battery, Standard with Box and Hydrocaps*
30 lb Individual Cells. 1300 Cycles to 50%
7 Year warranty
Fits to a standard 8D Footprint

*Hydrocaps Convert Hydrogen Gas Back into Water
and Oxygen, Reducing Watering Maintenance to
Once a Year

Marine Batteries
The Longest Lived Battery Available